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International Year Of Millets 2023

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Nutriplate. Multi Millet Flakes

IYM with Nutriplate

Sponsored by the Government of India, 2023 was proposed to be the International Year of Millets which was accepted by the United Nations General Assembly. Millets are currently grown in over 130 countries across Asia and Africa and are a traditional food for more than half a billion people. Millets were rebranded as 'Nutri Cereals' because of their enormous potential, which also aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Millets have been an important part of Nutriplate for both, packaged foods and the restaurant menu. Our customers are happily embracing this new food trend and we are here to deliver! We will help you make millets a part of your daily life with our delicious recipes. Click the boxes below to know more about what we have in store for you!

Our Millet Products

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